Thoughts on my work


Contradiction has always been at the root of my work.  Co-existing concepts/experiences or feelings are the norm, not the exception, of life.  All work has been informed by these conundrums, as has my choice of medium. Initially utilizing photographic materials, my work eventually moved towards sculpture.  An avid hiker, I often collect remnants of nature during my walks. These began to find their way into the work.  Acting as a memory, a talisman of these sublime experiences.


One of the great challenges of working with found objects is transforming them in a way that transcends their obvious role. The personal challenge  involved with developing a concept and formulating an aesthetic approach involves a problem solving process that strives to achieve a balance between conceptual and intuitive ways of working. One of my interests is to use the natural characteristics of a material as a metaphor for an internal landscape.  


Nuance and ambiguity allows the viewer to bring their own experiences to the conversation.